How to Dress Like Kim Kardashian

March 29th, 2015

Kim Kardashian and her family have been everywhere lately. You turn on the TV and you must see Kim Kardashian or one of her sisters. They have literally conquered the world. Are they famous for anything? Maybe not but the Kardashian sisters definitely have a unique sense of style when it comes to dressing up and looking fab all year long.

Kim Kardashian, the most famous of the Kardashian clan, is undeniably a diva and a sex icon with her exotic look and diva attitude. Kim is always seen wearing designer gowns, shoes, jewelry and handbags. She appreciates her sexy feminine curves and dresses accordingly. She is very confident in her own skin and always makes sure that the world knows how alluring and seductive she is by showing off her sexy womanly curves.

For a red carpet event, Kim dazzles in body hugging gowns and above the knee dresses to show her toned and tan legs. Kim loves flashy, look-at-me statement jewelry and necklaces. In addition to the expensive jewelry Kim wears, she spends a lot on money on designer bags and has definitely popularized the Chanel Ice Cube bag.

Kim was seen sporting over the top high heels whether they are Christian Louboutin or Dolce and Gabbana 6 or even 9-inch heels. Black shoes and heels are a must with Kim Kardashain’s wardrobe style. If you look at her pictures on the Internet, you will notice that she loves wearing black heels. Her sisters have admitted to Kim’s shopping addiction on their family show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Glam for Kim Kardashian is a day and night job. She almost always looks like she spent hours and hours in the salon.

Kim’s make-up is dramatic to say the least; she wears smokey black or brown eye shadow and lots and lots of mascara and sometimes fake eye lashes. Her lips are luscious but she wears light shades to complement her eyes and look classy.

Kim Kardashian loves white she actually mentioned that in one of her interviews. White would definitely flatter her because she has a natural tan which she inherited from her Armenian father, the famous lawyer Robert Kardashain.

Surprisingly enough, Kim Kardashian can look like a smart yet sexy business women too. She runs an empire of a clothing line, reality show, endorsed tens of brands with her sisters and now she is a recording artist making a record with the famous record producer, the Dream. In a business meeting Kim Kardashian would wear a basic white top and a tailored fitted skirt.

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People have always stopped me (Sammy A, Co-founder of on the street and asked me about where I bought that dress from or those shoes from. I am an avid online shopper and stylist. I have always been into styling, make-up, hair and looking fab every day of the week. I would create looks from my humble wardrobe and take pictures of these looks for my look-book diary. Throughout my life, I have been inspired by varied cultures. In my travels I sought art, dance and the different styles and costumes of the world.

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Bring A Peace of Harmony By Giving Corporate Business Gifts

March 29th, 2015

There is no one in the world who do not wish to receive gifts as the gifts not only makes you feel special, rather, it brings along with it joy and happiness. There is no one occasion where a person can give a gift to someone. One does not need a reason to give gifts. At times people give gifts to show their admiration, at times on birthdays, anniversaries, to ones beloved and so on.

The corporate world is no exception. Corporate gifts or business gifts is something which is on a new high these days and is considered a unique concept. There are verities of corporate business gifts or executive business gifts which are available these days from which a person can make his or her choice.

Normally, it is the trend that employee give gift to their employers or bosses, however, the concept of Business Gifts has bring along with it a new change, that is, an employer or the boss giving gift to his or her employee. Normally, an organization on behalf of the employers gives gifts to their employee. Gifts are also given to the clients, customers, business associates etc. as well as they are also an integral part of the organization from where the organization creates its revenues.

The concept behind such new creation of idea is bring in a new bonding between the organization and its employees, associates, clients and customers. It brings with a New Harmony and team spirit.

However, everyone wants to be his gift to be unique and different. So in order to find this unique corporate gift, does one wants to do immense research or is it convenient to find it. A business gift must not be valued as a mere gift but must be attached with the sentiments of the organization that they care for their team members, clients and customers. Thus, a lot of attention must be made in this regard before the selection of any gift.

A gift must be of such a nature that it involves a personal touch without exceeding the expenses of the business as the revenue part should always be considered while indulging in such kind of expenses and activities.

The nature and background of the employee should always be taken into consideration while selecting a gift for them. A gift which is of no use is something like giving no gift at all. Thus, a thorough research must be done before indulging into any kinds of expenses.

Initially, one needs to go to the market, if one wishes to purchase any gift. This is not only time consuming but is tiring too. It wastes lots of time and energy of the person thus resulting in unnecessary inconvenience. However, with the advancement of technology and introduction of internet, the shopping has become much easier as what is expected. These days there are number of online websites which are available where one can go, look for the product, select the price option and can buy without any inconvenience.

Thus, business gifts should be purchased intelligently and for the purpose considering in mind the background of the employee so in order to create a healthy relation.

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The Business Case For Workplace Flexibility

March 29th, 2015

A flexible work environment is highly attractive to dual-career couples that need a job which allows them to juggle the demands of work and their life. Flexibility also attracts Generation Y. If fact, a recent Oxbridge study revealed that work-life balance is the primary factor new graduates are looking for in a job (salary came in 8th on the list). Having a workplace flexibility plan in place, will help you stand out among your competition and enable you to attract top talent.

When employees have more flexibility to meet all the demands of work and life, they are more satisfied with their job and have higher morale. This is good news because there are clear links between job satisfaction and turnover. The more satisfied the employee, the less likely they are to leave. Additionally, employee satisfaction is linked with customer retention and satisfaction. When your employees are satisfied they will treat your customers better. It’s a win-win for everyone.

3. Flexibility improves productivity.

This benefit works with the previous. When employees are more satisfied with their job, they are more engaged and more productive. Companies that offer flexibility also experience fewer unscheduled absences. When employees have the ability to work from home, they can contribute even when their child is sick, they have to care for an elderly parent, or they aren’t feeling well enough to make the commute into the office. Finally, flexibility improves productivity because workers experience fewer interruptions, and thus can often get more work done, when they are working outside the office.

4. Flexibility reduces stress and burnout.

When employees are stressed and burned out they have less commitment to their job and the organization and are more likely to have plans to leave the company. One survey found that half of the workers surveyed said job stress and burnout reduced their productivity. Employees that are stressed and burned out also are sick more often. When you offer your workers flexibility in how, when, and where they are working, they begin to get more sleep, spend more time exercising, and are better able to relax and unwind. When employees reduce their stress, they gain energy, eliminate burnout, and are more productive at work.


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If you are thinking to transition into a project management role, if you are preparing for a PM interview or if you just started as a project manager this project management channel is for you. Discover how to efficiently lead projects by learning tools and techniques to manage scope, time and resources. The course will enhance your proficiency in project management. Course topics include:

– Understand PRINCE2®, PMI®, Agile, SDLC, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma to select the suitable methods, tools and software for your project
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– Manage senior stakeholder and efficiently report progress
– Manage risks and issues to ensure project success
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This channel is an introduction to project management concepts and tools. If you are an experienced project manager or want to prepare for the PRINCE2® or PMP® certification exam we recommend to use additional resources to cover exam relevant knowledge areas more in-depth. However, completion of these videos may count for credit toward certification or continuing education. Please review professional association websites for further details on certification and recertification prerequisites.

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Online Accounting Courses – Say Goodbye to Sitting in a Boring Classroom!

March 29th, 2015

If you love accounting and you have been thinking of going back to school to further your education with it and get a degree in this field, but think it is not doable because you don’t have the time or way to get it, think again. There are many online accounting courses for you to enroll in that will benefit you.

Accounting Programs

By taking courses in online accounting, you will be equipping your mind to help your family and bank account with the means to succeed with great provision from this chosen career. These programs are vast, and schools are readily available to help you with their credible programs.

The University of Phoenix offers a wonderful program for you, if you decide you want to enroll in their courses. You will have every thing you need with University of Phoenix. You can start out with an Associates Degree, and then continue on to achieve your Bachelor’s and Masters to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Study When You Want

One of the things that help to make this type of education so favorable is the fact that you can study in your own home, on your lunch break or in-between and do your assignments in your own time, as long as you get each one completed on time. This makes it not only very rewarding, but flexible with you and your schedule as well.

You will be more satisfied because you will be able to stay home with your family, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom who desires to educate herself. Print your books, so you can take them every where you go and read them. Thus, you will be able to read the necessary assigned reading for each class even when you’re not at home.

Strong Discipline

Enrolling in accounting courses online will demand a lot from you, because accounting is in-depth with financial situations. You must have and display a strong and firm sense of discipline in your life to do the required lessons and assignments. If you do not, you will easily become disorganized and get behind. Being fluent with the work and completing the assignments on time will require concentrated effort on your part.

Meeting New People

One of the things you will discover when enrolling is new people. You will have the opportunity to meet new friends you can work together with, as well as helping each other.

As a student you will be required to post in the forums. This is fairly easy to do, because you have to read the assigned material then comment by making a post. If you are a blogger, you already have an understanding of a forum and how it works. It’s very straightforward and easy to do.

Online accounting courses will increase your level of understanding, while enhancing your educational background. The knowledge you will attain will help you reach your potential in not only your career and finances, but in your heart and mind.

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HSU Online Course Gallery – BA 250: Introduction to Financial Accounting Systems

Plastic Surgery Facts

March 29th, 2015

Plastic surgery is famous among celebrities and common people especially Korean. There are many news spread over the world that this surgery can make your face more beautiful and handsome. You can even design your face before you undergo a surgery. There are many selections of eyes, mouth, chin, nose, eyelids, and many more. You can do many things with plastic surgery than any other beauty treatment can do to your face.

The bad point that must be keep in mind is that not all plastic surgery can bring you great result. Many people regret that they have done this surgery. They do not get the beautiful or handsome face that they want. This surgery is a life-risking surgery that must be done by professionals. You cannot just have it done by the doctors who are not competent enough in this field.

This surgery is actually intended for those who injured in the battlefield. Nowadays, people want to shape their face or even change their face to a more beautiful or handsome face. Therefore, many of the doctors try to give the best solution for those who want cosmetic surgery. It becomes widely discussed among people in the world.

Many of the professional doctors in this field come from South Korea. It is caused by the high demand of plastic surgery in South Korea. Many Korean artists are rumored that they have done this surgery to make them look beautiful and younger.

However, side effects of this surgery must also be considered before making a decision for having a plastic surgery. The side effects are bleeding, necrosis, scarring, nerve damage, adverse reaction, brain damage, death, stroke, paralysis, malignant hyperthermia, heart attack, blood clots, infection, blood loss, airway obstruction, abnormal heart rhythm, and many other side effects.

You need to consult with a professional doctor before you decide to have this surgery. If it fails, you will not be able to get your previous look. It is very dangerous and cannot always give the best result. Re-think before you decide to have a surgery.

Doctors must be in need of sterilizer to perform a surgery. If you are a doctor, you might want to have autoclave sterilizer. The autoclave machine will sterilize your medical equipment faster.

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How to Make Money Using Facebook

March 29th, 2015

If you’re with an MLM or internet marketing company, social media can be one great way to gain new prospects for your online business. There’s no real secret to doing so… it’s simply a matter of networking, being polite, and not pushing your business all over people.

I find that one of the biggest problems with networking on Facebook is exactly that… others who are promoting their own businesses like to push their opportunities all over you. This tends to be annoying, and simply isn’t a great marketing technique as it will just turn people off. The best way to find prospects is to add friends in the home-based business industry. It’s no secret that there are plenty of poor home-based business opportunities out there, and a lot of members of social media sites are promoting them. Members of such programs may be looking for a new opportunity… and that’s where you come in.

No offense to any MLM’ers out there, but many of these people tend to be in the MLM business. The attrition rate in MLM right now is not good… most newcomers to MLM quit the company they joined within their first 90 days. Join home-based business groups, MLM groups, internet marketing groups, and so on, and add members to your friends list. This is not the time to send your new friend a link to your website or tell them about your business opportunity. Simply send a message such as “Hi John, I see you’re a member of ‘so and so’ group. I’m looking to network with like-minded people… I hope you accept me as a friend”. If they decide to ask you about your business, then go ahead and discuss it… but let them come to you about it as opposed to the other way around.

Your Facebook profile should state who you are and what your business is (with a link or two to your websites). Posting in group topics with useful home-business information, or posting your blog feed to your profile can help to establish you as a credible home-business owner with some great knowledge to share… which might intrigue people to know more about what it is you do. Having the entire profile dedicated to business can be a turn-off to potential prospects however, so personalize it with pictures and information about yourself and show people who you really are.

Using Facebook or other social media sites will be much more profitable for you if you’re with a top-tier internet marketing company where any lead could generate a potential commission in the thousands of dollars. You’re additionally limited to I think 5000 friends or so on Facebook, so leads are not endless. It’s 100% free however, so whoever you’re with, make a profile and start prospecting.

Matt Mossop is a successful internet marketer and home based business owner. To learn more about Matt and how he can help you, visit

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What Makes Owning An Edgewater Luxury Home So Popular?

March 29th, 2015

Owning an Edgewater luxury home is considered an extremely sound investment decision. The owners of plush homes in Edgewater enjoy waterfront views of the Hudson River, along with an upscale community and pulsating nightlife.

Edgewater is a very well connected area. It has three prominent ferry stations, including the Edgewater Landing, the Port Imperial/Weehawken Ferry Station and the Lincoln Harbor station. Further, the New Jersey Transit Bus service is especially suitable for those who want to save some money. The bus 158 travels from River Road to Manhattan’s Port Authority. The bus route 150 runs along the Port Authority to Edgewater’s River Road to Fort Lee.

Benefits of Owning an Edgewater Luxury Home

Apart from high returns on investment, an owner of an Edgewater luxury home also enjoys modern conveniences, privacy and security. People who are on a restricted budget can opt for a small or modest luxury home. However, those who want to buy a grandiose luxury home have to invest slightly more. Further, luxury homes in Edgewater are designed to suit your customized needs and tastes. Some of the benefits of owning a Edgewater luxury home are:

Ease of Maintenance

Luxury homes in Edgewater are made from superior quality of building materials. This reduces the need for maintenance to a large extent. You don’t have to spend your valuable time and money performing frequent home repair.

Energy Efficiency

These luxury homes offer greater energy efficiency. The environment friendly material used in these homes minimizes the energy cost. Reduced utility bills can help you save money. Some of the other features are gray water saving systems for wash water, roof-top catchments for rain water, advanced air filtration systems, tank less water heaters and solar panels. Further, these homes are constructed in compliance with stringent safety requirements.

Advanced Features

Several luxury homes in Edgewater feature large workout rooms, bowling alleys, pool table rooms, media centers, swimming pools and multiple car garages. Also, some of them have conservatories, guest houses and servant’s quarters. Further, the luxury homes offer several technologically advanced amenities, such as surround-sound speakers, wireless internet access, additional cable jacks, electric outlets, monitored video surveillance, fire alarms, automated systems for temperature and lighting control.

You can easily find the luxury home and condominium of your choice through online resources. There are numerous websites that offer multiple listing services. These listing sites also offer photographs and important details about the properties.

To find your dream Edgewater luxury home, visit This online real estate company will make sure you find the home of your choice.

October 30, 2012 I lost power on Monday night about 8pm. Didn’t sleep well and so I got up early Tuesday morning grabbed my camera and decided to go explore and survey the local damage. The sky alternated between bursts of sun, rain, and heavy clouds and even hail. There were few people out on the street, but I liked it with nobody in my way. Before power went out I got an email from my cousin in Adelaide, Australia telling me she saw images of the Chase Bank in Edgewater NJ taking on water. I also was watching Eyewitness News when they were talking about the abandoned Binghamton Ferry Boat moored in Edgewater being torn apart by the violence of the storm. And then my power went out! The Binghamton has had a special place in my heart for most of my adult life so even though it was already sinking before the storm I had to pay my respects and I was off on a mission! Thanks to Bruce Springsteen for the inspirational music!
I been knocking on the door that holds the throne
I been looking for the map that leads me home
I been stumbling on good hearts turned to stone
The road of good intentions has gone dry as a bone
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag’s flown
We take care of our own

From Chicago to New Orleans
From the muscle to the bone
From the shotgun shack to the Superdome
There ain’t no help, the cavalry stayed home
There ain’t no one hearing the bugle blowin’
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag’s flown
We take care of our own

Where’re the eyes, the eyes with the will to see
Where’re the hearts that run over with mercy
Where’s the love that has not forsaken me
Where’s the work that’ll set my hands, my soul free
Where’s the spirit that’ll reign over me
Where’s the promise from sea to shining sea
Where’s the promise from sea to shining sea
Wherever this flag is flown
Wherever this flag is flown
Wherever this flag is flown

We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag’s flown
We take care of our own

We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag’s flown
We take care of our own
-Bruce Springsteen
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St. Louis Personals Are Meeting Area Singles

March 29th, 2015

When you look at St. Louis you are looking at the second most populated location in all of Missouri. It’s a huge place and one that has plenty of singles who are looking for the right person in their life. As a community there are special online dating sites that focus and offer dating to many local area singles. A place where you can meet other singles just like you who live locally, and may be the one for you.

Many of the local personals that are available are often free to register. Simply fill out a profile online and be honest and make it interesting, it’s where people will learn more about you. There are many other singles that will be looking at your profile, and of course you can look at all the other profiles that are listed on the site. Making your profile more attractive will mean more communication from other St. Louis personals.

Though internet dating is huge this St. Louis personals site is one that is set up to include only singles that live in the city. If you are looking for a wider search area of singles you have any of the many dating sites that you can find online. The nice thing about local personals is that you will have at least one thing in common with a person you speak too that is you live in the same city.

Making the search for a person who lives in the same location as you a bit easier, and also a great way to meet people who could be friends. If you have tried all the other methods of dating with no luck, you should look to the internet as a great option. After all it is a great way to meet a lot of people and possibly the love of your life.

Debra is an experienced writer on the St Louis professional singles market and St. Louis dating industry. She has been writing for many years and has had many articles published throughout various mediums. Some of her most favorite topics to write on include single St. Louis professionals over 30, mature professional singles, and St. Louis matchmaking. Debra’s articles are a quick and enjoyable read. They are especially great for anybody searching to begin dating and still keep up with their hectic St. Louis lives.

STL TV LIVE – Home Buying and Selling Tips
Date: May 13, 2013
Host: Christia DeShields

Segment 2/3 GRAPHICS
Lower 3rd: Julie Dunne, Senior VP and Affiliate Div. Head of Mortgage, Fifth Third Bank-St. Louis
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Photos: 1 logo/ 1 home buying/selling tip Flyer/ 4 pics
Full Page 1: TIPS FOR BUYING A HOME: 1) Assess what your future needs may be / 2) Determine how much home you can afford / 3) Review your credit report / 4) Meet with a mortgage loan originator / 5) Do your homework / For more info: Please visit any of the 17 Fifth Third Bank St. Louis locations or go to
Full Page 2: TIPS FOR SELLING A HOME: 1) Hire a Realtor / 2) Make improvements to appeal to buyers and help with your home appraisal / For more info: Please visit any of the 17 Fifth Third Bank St. Louis locations or go to

Full Page 3: Fifth Third Bank (use logo) / For more info: Please visit any of the 17 Fifth Third Bank St. Louis locations or go to

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Heat Up Your Spotted Dick

March 29th, 2015

Okay so you got your can of spotted dick and now you are ready to try this traditional English dessert that dates as far back as the early 1800’s. How do you heat this concoction up?

There are quite a few ways to get your spotted dick ready for eating. The traditional way is steaming it. You can steam it right in the can. In a saucepan add enough water for the can of spotted dick to float. Bring the water to a slow steady boil. Boil the can for around thirty to thirty five minutes. Make sure that the water level is always high enough for the can to float. If the can does not float add more water until it floats.

After the thirty five minutes is up, it is time to open your can of hot sponge pudding. You will need a can opener and you will need to open the end of the can that says “Open this end first.” Place a cloth on top of the can and over the can opener before you begin opening the can. This will prevent spurting. Nobody wants a spurting spotted dick.

Once the top is removed run a knife along the inside of the can. Turn the can over onto a plate and remove the bottom of the can. Press the pudding out of the can onto the plate. Viola, you now have plate of nice warm spotted dick!

You can also cook your sponge pudding in the microwave. Open the end of the can labeled “Open this end first.” Run a knife along the inside of the can. Turn the can over onto a microwave safe plate and remove the other end of the can. Press the spotted dick onto the plate. Cover it with a microwave safe bowl and heat for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Let it stand for an additional two minutes.

Are you curious? See it for yourself Spotted Dick

Jooss The Bank Dick (1940) Full Movie
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How To Discover Whose Number Is It Online

March 29th, 2015

Receiving calls from someone you do not know would surely be irritating. You might be waiting for some special calls such as schedule for interview, huge business deals and maybe a call from someone special to you. Waiting for these calls will cause you anxiety, right? Every time you phone rings, your heart will pump fast and harder. After answering the call, you will know it is just a prank call; it will irritate you and will make you wonder whose number is it.

In the past when we want to search things about something such as finding about people or knowing an owner of a number, we need to ask the help of professionals. Some people approaches the detectives. Detectives are very keen in investigating things even if they are provided with small data only. Their expertise to search something is missing or anything what their clients want. Amazing, right? However, the downside of hiring an investigator is the expensive professional fees. You need to pay them a large amount to do this task. If the person in search is in the other country, it will need extra payment.

To avoid these expenses, you may conduct your own search. The good thing is you may even start your search at the comfort of your own home. You would need an internet access and the number of the person calling you.

Direct your internet browser to any search engines available. The most popular are Yahoo and Google. Try your luck by typing in the number of the person calling you then click search. If you are lucky, there will be a result of the search you need. The downside of using internet search engines is the possibility of having big results. For a search engines, telephone number are just group of characters. If it happens that, there is a big number of results, try adding some quotation in the number.

There are also websites such as whose number is it, that can help you with your dilemma. They have big database of the phone number and landline together with the name and address of the owner. It s easy, all you need to do is type in the number in the search box and wait for a few seconds. You will have an access to the phone records you need.

Visit the website Whose Number Is It and try the Online Phone Book . – A video is about ‘Secure Discover Card Account Login Guide’ and how to get phone number and email address help. The most popular pages on Discover Card site are Credit Cards, ‎5% Cashback Bonus, ‎Student Loans, ‎Contact Us, Make Online Payments, Customer Service and Redeem Cashback Bonus.